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At NextGen, we offer top-of-the-line massage chairs and services at a fraction of the cost other brands charge. 

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Welcome to next-gen massage chairs, your number one source for all things massage chair. We're dedicated to giving you the very best selection of quality massage chairs, with a focus on customer service, quality and great price.

Founded and led by Windsor local Natalie Bourgoin. With a passion for health and wellness. I, Natalie, mother of three and retired veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces understands how imperative it is to manage my chronic pain from injuries sustained from my active service with the military believes in the importance of practicing self-care, stress management, in combination with muscular and skeletal maintenance as a drug-free way to keep pain at a minimum.

Massage, chiropractic care, physio and acupuncture have always been a part of regular treatment and care; but one that has heavily impacted finances and interrupted daily schedules. Coming to a harsh realization of the thousands of dollars spent annually on these services, sought out a better way that would be more beneficial long term physically and financially. 

Natalie, being a serial entrepreneur wanted to share my passion for wellness and knowledge of sourcing quality products at unmatched prices to you, our future NextGen massage chair club members.

When you support NextGen Massage Chairs, you are supporting local community activist that are passionate about reinvesting time and resources back into the community. Projects completed thus far include the recent annual YQG Cares gala that Natalie along with co-philanthropy based friends conducted over the summer of 2018 for the Hiatus House- a local women and children's safe house and local project was the fundraising and donating of 160 sleeping bags over the winter 2018 for our local homeless community. NextGen moving forward is also committed to donating portions of all sales to the Canadian Mental Health Association. 

We hope you enjoy our massage chairs as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Natalie Bourgoin

Benefits of massage

 Relieves stress - Helps manage anxiety 

Relieves pain - Relieves stiffness  

Promotes endorphins - Controls blood pressure 

Prevents sports - related injuries  

Boosts immunity - Circulates of oxygen and nutrients  

Aids in Cancer treatment - Promotes detoxification 

Eases medication dependence - Exercises atrophied muscles  

Reduces post-surgery adhesions - Promotes joint flexibility  

Relieves migraines 

Our chairs offer a suite of massages:


 Full Body Relaxation 

Swedish Massage 

Chronic Pain Relief 

Deep Tissue Massage 

Deeper Relaxation 


Injury Prevention 

Sports Massage 

Stress & Nausea Relief 

Shiatsu Massage 

Spine Stimulation 

Tapping Massage 

Tension & Soreness Relief 

Kneading Massage 

Nerve Relief 

Vibration Massage 

Lymphatic Stimulation 

Air Compensation Massage 

Back Relaxation 

Rolling Massage 

Save money! Skip the professionals.



Massage therapists or weekly massages are not cheap, potentially amounting to thousands of dollars a year. By investing in a massage chair, you can enjoy unlimited sessions for years to come.  


Muscle pain and tension can hit at the most inconvenient times, regardless of your schedule or plans. A massage chair at home means you can relieve your body of the pain any time you need it. That level of accessibility is priceless

It's never been easier!

With so many ways to take yours home today, between cash to buy-now pay later, up to 5 years we're sure you'll agree its never been easier 

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